Dylan O’Brien leaves the ‘Today Show’ taping at the NBC Rockefeller Center Studios on September 16, 2014.

…I was under the impression I had bought a grammar textbook?

I’m going ot be deleting this tumblr in a week.

I might be relocating, maybe not. If you feel any desire to keep me around in your social media life I can be found:

twitter: caitlynne
instagram: caitlynnes
snapchat: caitlynnnefacebook: inbox me

(sidenote: fuck the bitches that took ‘caitlynne’ on those)

I think it’s time this tumblr retired

#tbt to this picture from high school that surfaces every now and again. I think that this is almost 10 years old now. #elderly

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I love my old friends but it would have been nice to have a conversation that didn’t amount to “Hey, remember in high school when all your friends were pretty and you weren’t?”

Worst food picture ever. @detectivecase

when you realize someone you’ve been in a mutual follow with across multiple social media sites for like, 4 years, has unfollwed you


Seriously, fuck this game. #towerfall

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Flawless #dcaf purchases

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If you think being an attendee at a con is rough try being a vendor. Stuck between artists for Guardians, Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors :/

So I got a #stargate tattoo

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"Stiles is very frenetic, hyperactive, and he’s always moving. Void Stiles is very still."

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Dylan O’Brien at the Teen Vogue Photo shoot Behind The Scenes.